Numstation keep your business
abreast of the times

Numstation keep your business abreast of the times

Digital Transformation Services

 • Migrating your workflow with Numstation tools
 • Document Digitalization
 • Document OCR technology
 • Unlimited cloud storage
 • Unlimited physical storage
 • Scan & Store Solution

It's time to free up your office space

Upload them to the cloud

Within 24 hours

Numstation has the most professional team in the industry, who can collect files from your office, upload them to the cloud and securely store them in the warehouse within 24 hours.

OCR Technology

A fast, accurate, and reliable solution

Our OCR technology is a fast, accurate, and reliable solution that can process large volumes of documents quickly and accurately, recognize and interpret text even in low-quality or distorted images, and be customized to meet your specific needs, such as extracting specific data fields or recognizing text in multiple languages.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and freeing up valuable resources.

Not Only Scan

Cutting-edge technology

At Numstation Scan Solutions, we offer more than just scanning services. We understand that our customers have diverse needs when it comes to document management, and we are here to provide comprehensive solutions.

With our cutting-edge technology and dedicated team, we can transform your physical documents into editable Word, Excel, or PDF files, allowing you to conveniently edit and optimize your data in real time.

Our Technology

OCR Technology

We offer high-quality document storage solutions aimed at providing convenience and reliability for our clients.

Storage service

Our storage service covers Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, with all of our warehouses strictly controlling temperature to ensure that your documents are not affected by factors such as temperature and humidity.

OCR processing

Before storing your documents, we scan and perform OCR processing on them in accordance with your requirements, and then store them in your dedicated cloud account.

Save costs and time

This way, you no longer need to retrieve your documents from the warehouse when you need to read them, saving you logistics costs and time.

Cross-Platform Integration

Having an app available on multiple platforms allows users to choose the platform that
best suits their needs or preferences, resulting in an improved user experience.