Digital Company Secretary

Digital Company Secretary

 • Compliance Assistances
 • Expertise and Knowledge
 • Document Management
 • Board Support
 • Regulatory Updates
 • Annual Compliance Reminders
 • Audit Assistance

Digital Company Secretary

We have many years of experience and professionally trained staff to provide 100% paperless company secretary services.

Simply connect to the Numstation App to stay informed of all company updates.

Access all your documents on Numstation app

Access historical documents

Anytime and anywhere

Customers can easily access all historical documents through the Numstation app, including minutes, shareholder information, registration documents, annual reports, contracts, and more.

Streamlined process for online services

Apply for all CR services online

In the Numstation app, you can apply for all CR services online, including share transfers, company name changes, director transitions, and more.

Dedicated online support available

Offer support for various cases

We offer customer support through the app for various cases, ensuring that clients can easily reach out to us at any time with their questions or concerns.

Keeping your business in check
with local laws

Keeping your business in check with local laws

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